1983 World Cup India Vs West Indies First Match What’s Your Stake On Cricket World Cup 2007?

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What’s Your Stake On Cricket World Cup 2007?

“What’s in store for us at the 2007 Cricket World Cup”

“The country of the Caribbean Islands is about to rock on account of the 9th Edition of the Cricket World Cup 2007”. Well in the next few days we can expect a feast of cricket as the 16 countries in the world fight to lift the magic cup from the 11th of March to the 28th of April. What can be a favorable stake if you have to predict who is going to lift the cup? It basically comes down to the 8 best teams in the world. India, New Zealand, Srilanka, England, South Africa, Pakistan, Australia and of course hosts the West Indies. All of these countries have a lot of pressure to rise to the occasion and deliver when it matters most. All of these teams benefit from having world famous players and on a given day each of these teams can be a real match winner. But this gala event requires something special from each player in terms of focus, determination, commitment, hunger to perform and above all to have pride in playing country standing out for the occasion. Everyone said but there will be one winner and it will take a lot of team effort, Strategic Thinking, SWOT Analysis of Opponents and always being on your toes to be that winner.

Well the World Cup has always thrown surprises, be it Srilanka winning it in 1996, India Stopping WI’s march in 1983, Leaving South Africa in 1999 for bad maths. So don’t be surprised if you get to see more of them as the game rules have changed over time.

Well come down to some of the important teams and players to watch out for tourney. Among the 8 teams Pakistan looks out of shape as they will miss the services of strike bowlers Shoib Akthar and Asif due to injuries and will be a big loss for them in such an important event. The players to look for this would be Mohammad Yousuf who is the backbone of Pak batting and it is no wonder what performance he has had in the last two years, truly Amazing. He is one player who can kill the opposition and take the game away. The next player would be the skipper Inzamam and he wants to end his successful career on a high note and would look to repeat his performance in 1992 which contributed to lifting the cup in that year’s edition in Pakistan. In the depleted bowling department we can accept someone like Sami and razzak to shoulder the responsibilities. Otherwise the whole team did not do well in the recent period and they are low in terms of confidence but we can expect a few surprises though.

It would then be England. I’m sure any England fan and team himself wants to forget their previous year 2006 in cricket as it was a barren year in terms of team success to win matches and nourishing injuries to the players. Good news would be the return of skipper Michael Vaughan to the team and their latest success against world champions Australia in Australia. The players the players are looking for would be Flintoff, Collingwood, Peterson, Ian Bell batting while Panaesar, James Anderson would be players looking in for bowling. As a team England lacks a killer instinct and its success depends mainly on some important players and they have no good memories to carry to the gala event but many surprises can be expected as it has new talent.

As a Host you always have the support of home pitches, Home Conditions and home crowd cheering for you when you are at the center but it will not be easy for the host nation West Indies to come up with an easy cake walk as the level of competition is difficult and it will be. those home benefits can easily be abolished. The team has done well in the recent past after winning series against India at home and crowning itself with the second place in the Champions trophy. So the team will be in a jubilant mood entering an Event and not much to think about team combination as it has established a routine in ODI format. Players to watch out for will be Brian Lara and Chandrapaul batting and as this would be their last world cup they want to make amends and want to rewrite those glory days of WI cricket in the 70’s and 80’s. In bowling it would be Bravo, Bradshaw showing their skills. As a team it has done well and posed a threat to a number of countries including India and Australia and would be one of the team to look for in the tournament.

The small Asian island threw a surprise by winning the 1996 edition of the tourney and since then has been competent in the world of cricket. Yes Srilanka as a team has the potential to be there on 28 April in Barbados to play for a match that will decide the owner of the cup. This will largely depend on the performances of key players like veteran Jayasuria, Sangakara, Tharanga and skipper Jayewardene in batting and Maling and Vaas Company in bowling. And as usual the team has magic from Murali to buckle opponents. As a team they have done well and their ability to fight until bowling the last bowl in the game makes them a difficult team to beat.

The Black Caps have done extremely well and almost defeated everyone at home but when it comes time to play outside New Zealand they have succumbed to pressure, so it would be important for them to focus and unite their talent to come out as winners. It would not be easy and it will require hard work from some of the key players such as Fleming, Vettori, Brandom Mac Cullum and Bond. We can expect tough cricket from this team. It would be a team to watch out for some tough Cricket.

Current world champions Australia have a lot to worry about, the recent losses to England and New Zealand have made this team beatable and the injury to the inside player is another cause for concern for the team management. Otherwise we all know how this team comes out on an opponent and makes opposition hard earned. He would still be a hot favorite of all cricket lovers for the cup. All players have done well when a team is under trouble and opposing teams need to think outside the box to throw a surprise against this mighty team. Well this team is all out there to defend their title and they can expect some fiery cricket from these bunch of cricketers.

In the recent past South Africa have developed as one of the best teams in the business. He has striking Batsmen in Smith, Gibbs, Boucher and bowlers like a pin in Pollock, Ntini and Nel. Right now everything is going as planned for this team and they would be interested in maintaining this good run through the tournament.

Men In Blue had a tough time in the recent past considering their performance in WI, SA .But it has started to fire at the right moment with the world cup around the corner. The win against WI and Srilanka would give a confidence boost. In terms of team selection, it is one of the best from India for the world cup with a combination of hard batsmen Uttappa, Shewag and Dhoni. Rock Solid Middle order in Rahul Dravid, Tendulkar and Yuvraj. Ganguly’s return has strengthened the batting line up and he is undoubtedly one of the strongest batting orders in the world and any bowler would think twice before he unleashes the bowl. In the bowling department we can look at a godly performance from ZAK, Munaf, Harbhajan and Kumble. Well Dravid as a captain has a task to handle as India does not have a fifth bowler and it would be a tug of war between going for an extra batsman or a regular fifth bowler. We can only hope that the fifth bowler does not cost India much and that they emerge victorious. India would be another hot favorite going into the tournament. You have to play very good cricket to beat teams like Australia, SA and Srilanka.

Well it takes courage to perform, Belief in Ability, Play hard and above all playing as a team will lead to a podium for any team. Let the best team win and India be the Best Team in the Tournament.

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