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Top Destinations to Take a Vacation

These places are known as some of the best holiday spots in the world:

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America -Known as the Mecca of great entertainment, Las Vegas is a city that always has something going on, which is why it remains one of the best places to vacation. From concerts, theater shows and casinos to galleries, fine dining and upscale shopping, Las Vegas is sure to offer its visitors a good time. Although known for its many gambling opportunities, Las Vegas now has artistic, cultural and tourist attractions and entertainment venues for the whole family. For more information, visit
  2. Virgin Islands, United States of America – In a year when travelers are still apt to be watching their wallets, this is our #1 pick for a tropical American getaway. It’s perpetually 80 degrees, fringed with white-sand beaches on turquoise water, and, yes, it’s a US territory. Each of the US Virgin Islands has its own identity: if you want a break from holiday resorts, almost two-thirds of St. John is a lush national park with tented cabins in the middle of trees and walks to secluded beaches – unfortunately this may be the last year for the Maho Bay Campground, a long-standing eco resort that the where to stay if you’re watching your budget; or try the St John Inn, which offers great value rooms with a kitchenette. For more action, the previously inaccessible Hassel Island, now part of the Virgin Islands (St Thomas) National Park, can be explored by snorkel or kayak. And the word is that Captain Morgan’s Rum Distillery will be on St. Croix opens its new visitor center in spring 2012 – ahoy!
  3. Rid De Janeiro, Brazil – Although hardly a secret destination, Rio de Janeiro sheds its image as a town of sun, sea and samba and goes for glamor and sophistication. Join the friendly Cariocas for an innovative 10-course Amazonian dinner at Rio’s best restaurant Le Pr Catelan or delicious “brapas” (Brazilian tapas) at hip restaurant Oui Oui. Even Rio’s magnificent beaches are better than ever; from Leme to Leblon, new outdoor cafes feature great seaside patios with comfortable bathroom facilities. As the host of the 2014 Football World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, the city is buzzing with exciting developments that are sure to attract huge crowds. Beat the rush and see how the Girl from Ipanema is all grown up.
  4. Doha, Qatar – Doha doesn’t attract the hoards of beer-swilling British tourists or the huge number of hotels that Dubai in the United Arab Emirates does, but its beaches are prettier and its gourmet restaurants are smaller crowded The Al Jazeera news network put Doha on the map a decade ago, although it’s a different kind of camera – the film kind – that attracts tourists for the Doha-Tribeca Film Festival. Next year marks its third installment. Doha is focusing on enhancing its presence on the international stage by pursuing its world-class Islamic Art Museum, designed by IM Pei with a bid for the Olympic Games in 2016 and the Fifa World Cup in 2022. Also, it’ the city hosts the professional football Asian Cup in January.
  5. Barbados – Barbados is a relatively flat island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea just north of Trinidad. Barbados has a glitzier, more sophisticated feel than most other Caribbean islands, it also has some of the best hotels and resorts in the Caribbean making the island one of the Top 10 holiday destinations in the Caribbean to go on a honeymoon. Barbados is a beautiful coral island with a special charm and warmth, with never-ending powdery white sand beaches, an attractive climate throughout the year of sea breezes and sunshine, exotic botanical gardens, acres of abundance , rolling sugarcane fields, and a rich and exciting history. In addition, the island is one of the best and most popular ports of call in the Caribbean. Barbados is blessed with an almost ideal climate. It’s a year-round destination, drier than most other Caribbean islands, although you may want to avoid the rainy season from June to November. The joyful atmosphere of the island, the lively local scene and rhythmic music, make Barbados one of the most powerful beach cultures in the world.
  6. Miami, Florida, United States of America The long, thin island of Miami Beach – and specifically image-conscious South Miami Beach (aka South Beach or SoBe for short), with its charming Art Deco District and stunning dining and clubbing scene, has reigned as one of America in the last decade. capitals of cold. It’s the kind of place you might see Cuban boat people washed ashore on Ocean Drive or a man walking a squashed mountain lion on Lincoln Road. Sure, there are some pretty interesting and even cultural things to do here, but it’s really all about “the view” – during the day, sun and sand amidst rollerbladers and covered volleyballs’ n big, in the evening, eating and parties. a mix of the rich, famous, and great. This sprawling, sexy, sun-drenched resort playground is a grand combination of sun, sand and hedonism making it the quintessential glamorama party capital and the perfect spring break destination.
  7. Puerto Villarta, Mexico – While quite a few hot spots in Mexico are favored as spring break destinations, nowhere other than Puerto Vallarta combines a raging nightlife scene with a colorful colonial village infused with old-world atmosphere. Indeed, Puerto Vallarta’s appeal is undeniable: The city proper, a fabled hillside hamlet, is dotted with muddy lanes, red-tiled roofs, and bougainvillea-covered balconies. Miles of golden seaside, dotted with newer towns and resorts, stretch north and south, while the local color of an old Mexican fishing village mixes with upscale modern influences. The famous male – a boardwalk on the water’s edge that stretches from the town center towards the Hotel Zone – lined with shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and street artists. The lively promenade is always hopping and perfect for a drink or a bite during the day and after sunset. Plus, at night, you can enjoy trendy lounges, rowdy pubs, surf-side watering holes, and romantic pubs. Most of the decent nightlife is located along a three-block stretch of Calle Ignatio L. Vallarta, on the south side of the river, where everything from mariachi music and sports bars to salsa clubs and discos can be found.
  8. Amsterdam – Some come for the tulips, some come for other “green” treats, but whatever the vegetation is on the agenda, visitors to this free spring break destination are often captivated by the live-and- mindless city living. With Dutch policy structured around effectively controlling what it can’t ban, illegal American no-nos like marijuana (widely available in Amsterdam’s ubiquitous coffee shops – though you may have to take action quickly, as recent campaigns for legislation have sought to ban “tourist drugs”) or even prostitution (witness the infamous Red Light District) being allowed and regulated here. In addition, the age the legal drinking age for beer is 16 (and even that is rarely enforced), giving the under-21 crowd full access to the stellar nightlife scene and all its libations, in cafes trendy, cozy “brown” bars (neighborhood watering holes), and clubs featuring the best international DJs. For those who prefer to steer clear of such illicit temptations, the warm days of spring Venice of the North also specially tailored for walking the 1,000 or so bridges spanning 160 canals to the city – whether it leads you to a Van Gogh painting or to achieve. Your hankering for a hashish-filled hookah or a cold Heineken (an old Dutch beer brewery open for tours in town; is entirely up to you.
  9. Los Cabos, Mexico – From Hollywood stars to rowdy teenagers, Los Cabos, Mexico, attracts them all for a quick winter break – and no wonder. Beaches, mountains and desert – you name it, this place has got it – with a host of activities to enjoy the best of each. Scuba diving, fishing, golfing, whale watching, hiking, and cycling are some of the tours available. Whether you choose to stay in crazy Cabo San Lucas with its bars and nightclubs or in the quieter, picturesque village of San Jose del Cabo, you’re sure to have a good time.
  10. Montego Bay, Jamaica – Jamaica may do duty as spring break central every year, but the reggae-centric spot has a fascinating history, vibrant culture, and passionate political past that make it a magical (and warm!) place to visit him for a quick winter break. . Known as MoBay, Jamaica’s second largest city is the main tourist destination on the northwest coast, offering travelers everything from perfect white sand beaches to river rafting; from spicy spicy chicken to some of the best golf in the West Indies. Catering for everyone – honeymooners, party goers and families alike – the island offers a range of accommodation from luxury villas to all-inclusive resorts and out-of-the-way hideaways.
  11. Prague, Czech Republic – We hear the question, “What is the next Prague?” a lot. But although we all want to discover great new destinations, we hardly think that Prague is over. Of course, everyone has heard of it, but it is still a magnificent city with remarkable historical and cultural sights, and is definitely worth a visit. Prague Castle, often rebuilt, has overlooked the city since the 9th century, and the Jewish Quarter’s synagogues and cemetery are must-sees. Nightlife here is varied and plentiful, from trendy clubs to sophisticated wine bars to late night celebrations.

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