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Success Lessons From The 2007 Rugby Union World Cup Part 6 – Crazy Horse

Rugby, like all sports, can teach anyone how to achieve competitive success and how not to achieve it! It can also teach basic principles relevant to achieving success of any kind.

On Friday 28 September 2007, England played Tonga in another must-win group game.

The Tongans have a reputation as the wild men of world rugby but they do not agree with this image of themselves. They have, however, received more foul cards than any other team in the 2007 world cup.

They believe that rugby is a contact sport for men and give their own punishment to the opponents: “You stamp on the soft handkerchief but you don’t stamp on the head or the crown jewels.” They believe in limited violence!

Belief in God also plays its large part in the Tongan psyche. They pray as a team every night. Their team preacher tells them: “Our Lord can do anything, especially impossible things.”

The Tongans also believe in angels: “All the angels of heaven support us.”

The French crowd certainly supported them!

Lewis Moody had returned to the England team. He is called ‘Crazy Horse’. Crazy Horse was the war leader of the Lakota who was involved in the battle of the Little Big Horn where Custer was killed. Every successful team needs an inspirational warrior to lead them in competition or battle.

England’s world cup-winning captain Martin Johnson was delighted to see Moody return:

“He’ll bring a lot of energy to the game. We showed against Samoa that we can hit these guys too. At some point tonight, it’s going to come together. It’ n about winning those collisions. We need to step up the intensity and the tempo of this game. We need to work out and out hit these guys and then they’ll have nowhere to go.”

The Tongans performed their haka or siva tau and moved on starring right into the faces of the England team. England fans chanted “Swing Low Sweet Chariot!” at the same time and almost drowning out the sounds of the siva tau.

It was a case of England win or go out. If they won, they would go to Marseilles for the quarter-finals to meet Australia as the underdog but an underdog that was starting to bite.

Tonga scored a penalty 3-0. Jonny Wilkinson then scored one for England 3-3. Tonga next slid over the line on the greasy surface to score a try. 10-3

England came back with an incredible try as Wilkinson kicked to Paul Sackey who caught the ball after it hit him in the face. Paul landed on his knees and got the ball down just before it slid over the dead ball line. 10-8

Barkley missed a rebound but Wilkinson didn’t. 10-11 to England. Wilkinson then scored another three points with a penalty. 10-14. Things were going England’s way. Wilkinson rarely misses because he practices kicking

for hours on end. Successful people realize that constant, consistent practice is necessary.

Sackey, the England winger, intercepted a ball and ran away to score. It’s fair to say he’s enjoying his world cup. He had rediscovered his zip and tried to be able to score.

England led 10-19 at half time but Tonga never gave up. Greenwood was concerned: “We’re inviting Tonga back into the game. No wonder Brian Ashton doesn’t have flowery hair left.”

Tonga kicked a penalty. 13-19 Tonga still believed they could win. They had good reason to believe. They had beaten USA and Samoa and pushed South Africa all the way.

Mathew Tait scored a try for England and converted. 13-26.

Tonga looked tired. Andy Farrell scored another try for England between the posts. This was the former rugby league man’s first attempt here. Jonny converted him. 13-33

Jonny then scored a rebound goal. 13-36. Tonga finished the game with another sliding try which was brilliantly converted. 20-36

Australia would now wait and lick their vengeful lips at the chance to defeat England in the quarter-finals. They had waited four years to avenge their defeat by England in the finals of the last world cup.

The Tongan players gathered for prayer. They could leave this world cup with their heads held high and their reputations enhanced.

Jonny Wilkinson said of England’s victory: “It’s satisfying but we have a long way to go.”

Lewis Moody almost knocked himself out several times chasing the ball and tackling fiercely. He had fully justified his name of ‘crazy horse’ and had inspired the whole England team and the spectators with his brave example.

England had always maintained their record of reaching the quarter-finals of the world cup and it looked like the team had started to enjoy the game of rugby again.

When you get to the knockout stages anything is possible.

However, Wales did not manage to reach the quarter-finals. Fiji managed to beat Wales in one of the most exciting games of the world cup. The final score was Wales 34 Fiji 38.

Wales went out of the world cup. Gareth Thomas, the skipper, felt that he had let the nation down and the coach, Gareth Jenkins, was sacked the following day.

Scotland did better than Wales in their next game against Italy. The Scotland coach who rested his best players against the All Blacks said that a good start gives you the confidence to do well in the rest of the game.

The Scots started with a bang and finished with a narrow victory thanks to consistent kicking from their main goal kicker, Chris Paterson, who is probably one of the two best kickers in world rugby. He kicked six penalties to allow Scotland to win 18-16 although Italy were the only team to score a try.

Scotland were now through to the last eight.

France convincingly beat Georgia 64-7 on Sunday 30th September. They had scored nine tries. France were now top of Pool D but Ireland needed to beat Argentina if they wanted to stay there and avoid playing the All Blacks in Cardiff next week in the quarter-finals.

There was another key game that Sunday. Ireland underperformed against Argentina. The Irish had the full support of France. Thomas Castaignede was wearing a green hat: “Argentina can send us on the road to hell.”

If Ireland didn’t beat Argentina, France would end up suffering the hell of playing a fierce and talented All Blacks team in a foreign country (Wales).

A French poster said: “Allez Les Verts!”

Gwyddel said: “We have to play much better than we have been doing and we need to take our chances when they come.”

The Irish captain, O’Driscoll, said: “If we want to die, we must die fighting.”

Nevertheless, Argentina have the best defensive record in the entire world cup and they won the battle of the anthems. They were singing with tears running down their faces. Back home, the whole nation was following their progress.

Ireland went for it in the first seven minutes. Their minds were focused on scoring the four tries they needed to reach the quarter-finals. They camped in Argentina’s half but did not score.

Now Argentina came back and had a good period. A bid that was part of the heart of Irish ambition was scored. 5-0 Ireland then scored a penalty 5-3. Argentina countered with a rebound goal 8-3

Argentina were starting to look good The crowd was all for Ireland but the Argentinians didn’t care. These were difficult moments for Ireland. They had to stay positive and hope that things would open up for them later.

The Irish had to tear down Argentina’s self-belief as well as fuel their own. O’Driscoll did just that by scoring Ireland’s first try.

Ireland 10-8 Now there was a completely different feel to the game. You could almost see the Guinness flowing and feel the belief in the Irish camp.

Argentina’s great kicker Hernandez scored a rebound goal to pop Ireland’s bubble. 10-11 Argentina narrowly won.

Argentina scored a try. 10-18. The pumas smelled the sweet smell of being in the last eight of the world cup. They were halfway to four tries and the bonus point would put them in the quarter-finals no matter what Ireland did.

For Ireland, this game was always going to be a cliffhanger. Their fingertips were pulled from the edge of the cliff one by one

After half time, Argentina scored three more points 21-10

Then Irish full-back Jordan Murphy scored a try. 21-15 Once again, the dream came alive for Ireland.

Argentina must keep their momentum going and win if they want to go far in the world cup. They scored through a penalty kick.

15-24 to Argentina. Another penalty for a high tackle 15-27 to Argentina

Hernandez scored a rebound goal off his left foot – a hat trick. 15-30

Argentina could now go back to their hotel believing that anything is possible. This has been a decisive victory and they had laughed in the face of the D word (death pit).

Ireland had never been beyond the quarter-finals of the world cup before. They didn’t even get that far this time. France would have to play the All Blacks in Wales now.

Thomas Castaignede said: “We’ve done it before, eight years ago. I hope we can do it again. Argentina sent us on the road to hell. So let’s do it.”

Eddie O’Sullivan, the Ireland coach, said: “It’s been a tough world cup for us. It’s not for trying but that’s the way it goes.”

Augustin Pichot, the captain of Argentina, summed up their achievement: “We wanted to win all four games and we did it.” Successful people make a plan and stick to it.”

Paul Wallace said “The Irish can leave with their heads held high. They need to get back on their horse and then start looking to the next world cup.”

Seam Fitz Patrick, the former Captain of the All Blacks was not so kind: “They have been living on the glories of the past and not doing it in the field. They had a chance and they have lost that chance.”

Successful people continue to seek new glory rather than relying on past victories for their reputation.

Francoise Pienaar, former South African Captain, was equally blunt: “They didn’t face the truth and were looking for excuses.”

Successful people ignore potential excuses and focus on winning.

Several success lessons can be learned from the rugby matches described above.

God or the Universe can do anything, especially impossible things. With God’s help so can you.

If you believe that God and the angels are on your side, they will be.

Dr Robert Anthony wrote: “All our experiences have led us to believe certain things about ourselves. It does not matter whether these beliefs are true or not because if we accept them as true, then they are true for us .”

Every successful team needs an inspirational warrior or ‘crazy horse’ to lead them in competition or battle. If necessary, become your own ‘crazy horse’ and fight like crazy to achieve your goals and dreams. Others will follow you.

If you are the underdog make sure you are an underdog who bites hard.

Realize the need for consistent, consistent practice. Daily repetition even if it is difficult and boring brings mastery.

If you face death and/or disaster you might as well go out and fight!

Stay positive in difficult times and hopefully things will open up for you later.

Dent your competitors’ self-belief but fuel your own.

Make a plan and stick to it.

Seek new glory rather than rest on past glories.

Don’t make excuses for your poor performances. Get back on your horse immediately and try again.

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