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The Voice of Reason From Namibia

What can I do to change the face of rugby or the way it is played in South Africa? I was recently asked this exact question and it took me months to sort it out – after all, I’m just a normal Joe Soap who is an avid rugby fan like millions of South Africans.

The strange thing for me though is the fact that I’m never short of an opinion on what’s going on in South African rugby, but as a wise man once said, an opinion is like a bum, everyone’s got one .

So how can the average Joe change rugby in South Africa? Well, it took me a while to figure it out, but I think I may have found the answer.

But I wanted to write something that is not just ideas and opinions. I wanted to write something that gets a message across. A message to the guys who started this concept, a message to people who have registered and read this website, and a message to people who are still deciding whether they want to join or not.

SARSU is mostly about giving the guy on the street a chance to contribute to the game we love other than just writing or commenting on a website – and I wanted to capture that as the point of the article.

Whenever I started writing I usually thought to myself halfway through the article: “But that’s been said before, what is the use I’m talking about again?”

It is not my intention to motivate people to take this organization further or higher, but rather my intention is to make people realize the responsibility they have taken upon themselves to realize the ideals and dreams of SARSU.

You see, having experienced firsthand how ideals have faded and faded over time, I wanted to somehow warn everyone not to lose perspective on why this was started in the first place, and possibly help identify the reasons we lose as time goes on.

I thought a lot about why things change over time, how relationships sour and how ideals or personal perceptions favor the cause of the project or organization – this was hard to figure out because it also meant being I have to face a little reality in doing so.

Needless to say, it took me a long time to come to grips with it, and one day, as if someone switched on a light in my head, I understood it.

Most of us grew up knowing the game of rugby. It was something passed down from parents and siblings, played as children in the garden, watching the Currie Cup and test matches on TV and listening to it on the radio and nagging your mum to knit you your favorite state shirt as which you can represent when playing against friends and brothers.

It was a way of life. It was something we inherited. It is part of our lives.

However, the thing about inheriting something is that sometimes people find it difficult to treat it as your own, to take ownership and responsibility for this love and passion and most importantly, identify with it.

The other dangerous part of inheriting something like the game of rugby is that you get the good – with the bad.

Rugby is a powerful thing, always has been. We have seen in the past the game of rugby being used as a weapon. A tool that the international community used to ban us from the game, a tool that the government used to discriminate against black and colored people, and today a tool, once again, that is used to fight battles in environments that have nothing to do with a game rugby

And make no mistake, rugby is a very powerful tool.

It then dawned on me that the most important people in rugby, the players, coaches, administrators and fans, almost never use rugby as a weapon, but more as an escape of sorts – and this is where we allow , or not allowing, a game of rugby to become a powerful tool of life.

Many people make a living from rugby in the professional era, but very few people make rugby their life, and this is what I realized we must do if we are serious about taking the game back from to those people who use it as a weapon against. the same people who love the game.

I am not suggesting for a second that we should start a war against anyone, but I am suggesting that people, you, start looking at rugby as a passionate fan, and realize that this game that we love and we have so much passion for it, become one. a game that spreads love and passion to other individuals who are not part of this family.

Rugby is for many a game played in a funny rectangle, with many lines and a funny shaped ball – Rugby should be a medium and a tool that we can use to change perceptions about each other, to give hope to the some have a few. , and to make people understand alone one will achieve very little, but together you can achieve miracles.

We spend a lot of time as individuals commenting and giving opinions on how things should or should work, not only in rugby but also in life. The problem with that though is that you never really achieve anything, either as a person or to the game itself.

Many of us dreamed or still dream of becoming a Springbok, perhaps as a player or as something else, but because that time has come and gone for most of us, we put our faith and trust in individuals others to carry that dream forward. for us – but basically we don’t give them anything to actually go out and succeed at something that we didn’t.

You see, the way I see it is that the final goal or destination isn’t getting to that point where you pull a shirt over your head, it’s the journey that got you there or the journey and road you traveled with people who got there or will get there.

If this great concept is one day going to work and reach the heights many wish for, we should stop being afraid of what we love – we should start taking ownership and responsibility for this special gift or game given to us by our fathers and their families. fathers. We should use rugby as a tool not only to make our own dreams come true but to create dreams for those who don’t have them.

And that also applies to all of us South Africans currently living in Countries around the World. I am currently in Namibia. However, in South Africa is my passion for rugby, my rugby thoughts, my rugby disappointments and my rugby ecstasies. With SA Rugby from the little ones playing “Bulletjies” rugby right through to the Springboks. The fact that I am in Namibia does not make me forget my responsibility to contribute to the continued growth of rugby, at all levels, in my home country, South Africa.

Rugby is not just a game to us, it’s a way of life – but let’s start using our respective gifts to help define life through this great game we call rugby.

How? Well it might be in its infancy and might be an impossible dream for some passionate, but you, average Joe, might as well visit the SARSU website (, see what these guys have to say and what they have trying to do, and then like me, possibly make your opinion count for something for a change.

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