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Career Opportunities in Picture Making

Creating pictures is one of the grandest branches of the visual arts. There are a number of career paths or jobs readily available in the field of photography. All of these career opportunities provide ample financial earnings that can help learners provide for themselves and their families. Some of these great job prospects are discussed below.

Advertising consultant: He is an expert in the field of advertising products and services. He is usually consulted to give technical advice on the right type of advertisement to select a particular product or service.

Interior Decorator: He is an artist who decorates the interior or the interior parts of buildings such as homes, offices, churches and other public buildings in an artistic manner especially on occasions such as weddings etc.

Landscape Painter: He is a picture maker who paints on canvas and other materials depicting activities on land such as market scenes, festivals etc.

Printmaker: An artist skilled in printing and involved in printing projects. It implements the different printing technologies when producing prints on T-shirts, banners, cups etc.

Gallery Owner: The owner and/or caretaker of an art gallery (a room or series of rooms where works of art are displayed). He oversees the sale and trading of works of art in the gallery.

Curator: An art historian who serves as a custodian in charge of a museum or art center that houses a great collection of artifacts such as paintings and the like.

Computer Animator: An artist who specializes in using the computer to create moving pictures for film and film making.

Cartoonist: He designs satirical or humorous pictures and scenes (cartoons) for use in magazines, journals, newspapers etc.

Book Illustrator: He makes illustrations in books to explain printed text or the contents of the book.

Picture making tutor: He instructs students in the field of picture making in educational institutions.

Exhibition Designer: An artist who plans and organizes an exhibition. He is responsible for designing the installation and arrangement of artworks in the site chosen for the exhibition.

Event Promoter: An artist who promotes events by designing and making visual communication tools such as banners, posters, flyers, T-shirts etc. to promote a special ongoing or ongoing event such as a sporting activity, entertainment etc.

Mural: It paints scenes and pictures on the walls of public buildings, homes and offices as a form of decoration.

Mosaic Artist: A picture maker who composes pictures by using small cubes of shiny stones, glass or colored papers placed or arranged to form the picture.

Museum Educator: An artist who instructs people on objects and artefacts of scientific or historical or artistic value in a museum.

Portrait Artist: He draws and paints exact likenesses of other people and scenes. Usually such work is laminated or covered with wooden or plastic frames with a glass plate to be hung in rooms and offices as a form of decoration.

Stage Designer: He is responsible for designing, arranging and decorating a stage for theatrical performances in a theatre.

Product Designer: He designs products for companies and industries before they are manufactured.

Tourism Developer: An artist who produces works of art or teams up with other artists to develop a tourism base for art.

Industrial Designer: An artist who designs products for industry. May be employed to be responsible for all artistic product design work for the industry.

Color Psychologist: An expert in color theory who knows the psychological or mental effects of colors on people. He is consulted before certain colors are chosen for various tasks by organizations especially health and mental health organizations.

Art Therapist: A person who is skilled in the use of art as a form of therapy or medicine for the healing of mentally deprived and emotionally disturbed patients.

Art Historian: An artist who is well versed in the art history of various groups and people across the world.

Art Critic: A specialist in judging or evaluating works of art for competitions and examinations. He also reviews various artist’s works and writes detailed commentaries on each of them for publication in leading journals and newspapers.

Art Director: The director in charge of the artistic features of a theatrical production (costumes, scenery and lighting).

Art Consultant: An expert in art who is usually consulted by companies, industries and organizations to give technical advice on art-related decisions such as the choice of colours, the organisation’s emblem or logo etc.

Art Collector/Dealer: A person who collects and trades in a number of artefacts.

Art Administrator: He is the manager of the art department of an organization who is responsible for all decisions related to art.

Archivist – Person in charge of collecting and cataloging archives (Repository containing historical records and documents).

Enrolling in photography as a field of study is very rewarding. Senior high school students who would like to develop their education in the field of art can consider reading courses in picture making as it will give them the necessary skills for their career development.

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