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What Comes First, Desire Or Thought?

When we are born, the first pure desire we have is a desire to eat. The baby does not think about food, it feels hungry and wants to eat. It then sniffs the mother’s milk in her breast and moves towards the food source. Desire to precede thought.

In time, a bottle takes the place of the breast and then the child thinks of food when he sees the bottle (sense perception from sight to bottle). Desire preceded thought, but later thought precedes desire.

This is the identification process. We identify an object, the bottle in this example, with the pleasure of food. When we see the bottle, it reminds us of the pleasure of eating and we are then hungry and a desire is born.

Young children are often told they like something by their parents, perhaps a particular piece of clothing or food. “You love this food”, said the parent. “I do?” says the child. “Yes you do.” “Okay, give me more.”

And so it goes, a habit or pattern is developed, thought precedes desire.

Ultimately, thought is so embedded in the minds of adults that we no longer know whether we want or think we want. Every desire starts with a thought when we see an advertisement or something that someone else has.

You may have noticed that you didn’t want coffee until you saw the Starbucks. Then you ‘realised’ you would like a cup of coffee. This is of course an example that you can apply to dozens of desires you have every day.

This identification rules your life. You recognize an item through one of your five senses and then it registers in your brain with a memory of what that thing does or how you feel about it, and AFTER that process, a desire is created. Then you THINK your desire, but in reality your desire is not pure, it is created by thought rather than nature.

Most desires are not pure and natural, created and corrupted by thought. This is why you are so confused about why you want something that is not good for you, or what you don’t need.

You certainly have some pure desires. There are times when you are hungry and that is pure desire. The point of this article is to realize that many of what you think are desires are not things you really need or want, even though you think you do .

The reason this is so important to discover and correct is that desire is the cause of suffering. When you desire something you cannot have, you suffer, at least to some extent. Additionally, you may put yourself through efforts that cause you to suffer in the pursuit of your desires.

If you can learn the difference between a real desire and a thought-based desire, you can reduce the number of things you want and thus completely change your life.

Let us list some of the effects of wishful thinking.

* If you want a lot of things, you will have to work harder to make the money to get them, and when you spend your money to get them, they sit on the shelf or not really satisfying, so your money is being wasted.

* With your money wasted, you have wasted the time to make that money, therefore time wasted.

* Then you have less money to do the things you really like.

* You have less money to invest or save for retirement.

* So you have to work harder and longer rather than enjoy your life more.

* You will buy a lot of things that you don’t need and you will have a closet or garage full of things that you used once and now just store them. This takes up space and weighs on your life, having to move, store and insure it.

* You can eat, drink or smoke things that are not good for your health. This wastes money, which is also time, and is self-destructive.

* There will be many unfulfilled desires, which will cause you to suffer.

* Chasing desires that are not pure desires takes time and effort away from acquiring the things you truly desire, leaving you unfulfilled in life.

* Chasing wishful thinking will cause conflict in relationships.

* The pursuit of thought-based desires causes inner conflict when you want something you know you don’t really want, but you want it and don’t know why. Eventually enough internal conflict will destroy self-confidence through self-doubt.

Desire is the cause of suffering. That is because unfulfilled desires cause pain, the pain of desire. One of the reasons for the pain is that the desire is for something you don’t really want, but only think you want. That confusion causes pain.

If you can get rid of the mind-based desires and only have pure desires, then there is no confusion and you will be able to focus on your pure desires without dispersing vital energy towards desires that are not yours really want or need them. Then you will have enough energy and positive thinking to acquire your true desires, and achieve them. This is why many people have unfulfilled desires, because they are chasing mental desires rather than pure desires and so the pure desires remain with them but unfulfilled. This causes endless frustration in life.

Learning to distinguish between pure desires and mind-based desires ends suffering in two ways; firstly by removing the confusion of wanting what you don’t really want or need, and secondly by leaving you the energy to get what you really want.

This is the path to happiness.

My goal in publishing my articles is to show you how to feel pure desire again, meaning desire that is not tainted and confused with thoughts that arise from identification.

When you can clean your mind and heart in this way, you will find that your emotions are purer, your love is stronger and your relationships are much closer and deeper.

Start questioning all your desires. Find the reason you want it, just like trying to justify your desire to someone who can present it to you, explain why you want it.

This little exercise will help you discover the difference between a purely natural desire and an acquired, thought-based desire. As you identify the various desires, you should have the strength and ability to ignore and eventually dissolve thought-based desires so that you become a focused person who achieves all your natural goals .

I run a forum designed to bring people around the world into a unified, harmonious effort towards building the strength to make these changes. I invite you to visit the website and get involved. See my signature for the link to LawOfAttractionForum.net

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