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Sports & Finance Are The Same, But Different

The sports section is very popular among young adult males and these same young males who need access to their money.

I am amazed at how many statistics some people can cite about a team, the individual players, their seasons, their chances, the odds of winning a game, and even who the players are dating.

If you’re going to spend a certain amount of time every day, reading the sports pages you’d better be getting something out of it.

Sport is a great way to exercise and is uplifting. Watching a team you root for win the big game is uplifting, but does it fatten your wallet?

If you like the sports page, you should discover the business section of the paper.


The sports section and the business section are the same, just different.

In Bangkok, where I live, there are t-shirts that read; “Same, but different.”

Seeing one of those shirts over the weekend gave me the idea for this article and got my brain going. Having spent a large portion of my life in the financial world, I knew I could draw some comparisons between the sports section and the business section of a newspaper.

I’ll be honest with you; I have never been a sports section junkie. My father read it religiously every day of his life.

I was interested in sports and played baseball in the summers and basketball during the school years, with some hockey, tennis, and soccer thrown in, but never cared who hit the most home runs than the amount of one year contract a player was signing.

If you are not making the amount of money you would like to make, I suggest moving from the sports department to the business department.

If you think the business section is too technical or difficult to understand, think about how long it took you to figure out a player’s ERA, handicap, or umpire’s signals.

If you have the brains to understand the rules of the sport, the scoring, player positions, and competitive advantages, you have what it takes to tear through the business section and find an idea, strategy, or money making opportunity .

Highlighting having photos is common in both sections, along with headlines that make you take a second look.

Opinions are a dime a dozen and there is a shake-up in sport and business, everyone wants to know what will happen next. Predictions, odds, forecasts, and analysis go into the world of sports and the world of business.

There are always opinions. Tiger Woods will get attention because he is the best in golf and Warren Buffet will get a lot of press because he is (at the time of writing) the richest man in the world. He occasionally switches places with Bill Gates and Carlos Slim.

The big game is lost because a key player makes a mistake and a company goes down the drain, because a key member makes the wrong commitment or passes on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Of course, there are disputes with officials, lawsuits, and a lot of stress to perform. From time to time members of the sports department and the business department will weed out players of the week and those who have fallen foul of the law for any number of reasons. Some players from both “leagues” are spending time in jail and some are doing hard time.

The stands are important, because there is something special about being number one. Being recognized as the best in your field is worth it. The Detroit Pistons are usually contending for the top and Toyota is in trouble with General Motors for the top rung.

Fame is all part of both “games.” Knowing who Tom Brady is going with is like wanting to know who the “Oracle of Omaha” wants to make a deal with.

As a Hollywood hot sheet, scandal, tragedy and criminal charges are front page items in both sections.

International competition makes the friendship even more intense. As the World Cup gathers momentum and supporters; China strives to be a leading global manufacturer.

The rankings show how a team is doing for the season, but on Wall Street, they have their own seasons, either a calendar year or a fiscal year and just like football, the game has to divide into quarters to get a better idea of ​​what must be adjusted in order to come out on top.

Rumors are common in both “worlds.” Is a key ingredient of a team or company jumping ship to a competitor?

Information leaks from the base camps and the frenzy begins and the predictions, forecasts and commentary are given fresh fuel to fill another column on another day.

Power struggles are always worth reading and discussions about who has the most experience and stamina to do the job, but in both divisions there are stories of upsets.

Day after day we are subjected to facts, figures, and forecasts that we don’t really care about. Useless information abounds. Staggering statistics and numbers that very few readers understand get ink in both “worlds.”

Both are guilty of giving time and attention to items that no one really cares about, but they do it all the time.

It’s the scenarios, the “what if” factor that I like. Everyone thinks they know what’s going to happen next and will bet their money to prove it. When the gurus are wrong, they are quick to come up with some double-speak excuse as to why it didn’t follow the predicted logic.

“What if” they trade their quarterback? “What if” they can’t get their raw materials cost down?

Sports betting is popular and buying stock on news of breakthroughs is a form of bet, but I bet you’ve never stopped to think that the newspaper’s sports section and the newspaper’s business section are more similar than they are. different.

If you invest some of your time every day in reading the sports section of the newspaper, move to the business section with the same passion and you will discover all the things that keep you familiar with sports and will keep you familiar with business.

The sports page will give you things to think about, talk about and follow, while the business section will give you things to learn about, think about, research about, follow and fatten your wallet with. “Same, but different.”

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