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Alabama Intruder (A Short, One Act, Three Scene Play)

(Originally written in short story form, in the book “Stay Down, Old Abram,” as a chapter story, “Black Girl Walking,” 2001; rewritten 6-1-2008 by the same author as one Act, three Scene Play)

Based on the true events of 1970

The Structure of the Play

Dialogue Black Girl Waling

Note: It should be noted, the dialogue for the black girl is according to the southern dialect of the 1970s, that time, or period and place. It doesn’t mean, the dialogue of the play can’t be smoothed out, it can if the character needs to do this, but it seems to me that it will go better with the setting left alone , as well as the date, which can be moved up or back, but again, it is suitable…I believe, not necessary, however, I leave this to the discretion and discussion of the theatre, and its actors, and their abilities in this field. That is to say, if the dialect is counterproductive for the little house, or too difficult, than to turn to plain English, it is not difficult to change a few letters in the words presented in the dialogue.

The Plot

The plot and action are smooth and simple, and can be strengthened if necessary, by motivation; that is, he wants instructions, and goes to greater lengths than usual to get them, but what the character has to show is how far he will go, his responses may dramatic he or she does this. As you will see as you read, it is mainly to further the plot that we are concerned with, more so than the development of the Character.

Act One

(From one act)

Scene One

On the street, downtown, Huntsville, Alabama, 1970,

11:30 AM.

One side of the street is empty, from the stage, it’s light, and so everything is very visible in this scene, maybe a beam of spotlight on the left side of the street will help. The right side has a few bars on it, and stores, leave it in shadows, as if it were mysterious. There are a few items here and there that carry the symbolism of the south, the last seat if not the voice of the population, who say, white and black, still not reaching a full understanding or agreement on equality, equal rights and freedom among all, here in Alabama, 1969.

A white Midwestern boy, a Private First Class in the Army, is stationed at Redstone Arsenal, nearby, for advance training, he has just come from boot camp at Fort Bragg, although this background information, is insignificant for the scene, perhaps it is used to explain the curious within the audience, if a narrator wishes to mention this, or be written in a leaflet. A black girl walks to the corner; it appears that she intends to stop at the red light, wait and cross. The white soldier, behind her, looks with his greens in his hands, his Army uniform greens, he himself is dressed in civilian cloths, and is looking for cleaners, to get his uniform pressed. He is a 22-year-old Midwestern boy. The girl is black and pretty, maybe between eighteen and twenty, neatly dressed, with a white blouse, and a light colored skirt, a legendary look appears on her face when she finds a white boy following her, say something but you can’t here what she says, which turns her face scared, they – for the moment – are the only ones on the street, she slightly turns her head to see, the length between them is reduced to two yards, or about six feet.

It is also symbolic, he is the unconscious young generation, from the conservative Midwest, it could be someone’s idea of ​​an America that is clearly disjointed in the fact, the United States had just been directed out of bed , or out of their dressing room, to look at equal rights in America, black and white issues. The soldier boy is neatly dressed; his hair is fairly short, neatly combed. They are now looking at each other, not moving, there is a cloth store right in front of them, to their left, one that you can walk around, one side and come out the other side – like a horseshoe. In between are dresses.

Mid Wales White Boy

Wait! Please wait! I mean, good morning, will you stay please!

(they look at each other the black girl does not answer: the white Midwestern boy, though still staring, watches the black girl, by the cloth store)

Is there something wrong… I think all I want is instructions?

Black Girl Walks

No. Can you all see that there are no black people talking to white boys, look across the street, do you see anyone walking there black? You must be from the north, leave me alone white boy, before you-all get me hanged, and you git beat up by your own kind!

The boy takes a cigarette from a pack in his shirt pocket, he has a light jacket on, he seems prepared for such a need, he is confused, or so it seems, and the weather is cool

So (said the black girl) you won’t follow me anymore, okay?

Mid Wales White Boy

(takes the cigarette out of his mouth)

What, no instructions for the dry cleaners?

Black Girl Walks

No! ‘I am not talking to yow: ask someone else. I’m going to be killed, because yaw-all, my uncle was hanged six weeks ago, go on now, and ‘I’m not lying. Aren’t you a pest!

(After a moment,: she looks around, doesn’t say another word, stares at the clothes shop, rushes into the change pretending to look at the cloths, she’s not going to into the shop: then 🙂

Scene Two

The same location as in scene one, but it has changed to the transformation of the cloth store, where cloth windows show glass windows. Time hasn’t changed much, so there’s no need to change any lighting at all from scene one; although you may no longer see the street, perhaps through the reflection of the glass. The black girl and the white boy have not exchanged names, so they only know each other as, the black girl walking, and the white boy Midwestern (or for her: northern) a boy from the north; so this should be gathered within their faces and the tone of their voice, especially when the black girl buries her face somewhat into the glass window, pretending to look at the cloths, when she tries to avoid the intruder.

Black Girl Walks

Uncle Josh it’s right…people like you, from the north don’t understand, something about us people here, like to ask questions, just get into trouble for me, and you’re all gone, jess like dat, and you don’t know the people down there, and think that they are going to have to go according to the law and the next thing you get hanged, and all the laws of the world don’t bring you back, and then there’s the wen wen from the north area sorry, but sorry don’t do anything to bring Uncle Josh back. If the white folks down there see me talking to you it’s going to be trouble… you can’t see it until it happens, then it’s too late…

Mid Wales White Boy

Tell me about your uncle?

Black Girl Walks


You are crazy. They hung him outside the town, in a farm pasture, from an old tree, there was an old crow around to see him die, that’s all there was, a tree and an old crow, and when we went there to get him, to be buried. right like, the old man of the farm he’s watching you like you’re going to raid his garden. That’s it, there’s nothing more, no court, nothing, just hanging…one of many!

(she lets out a long sigh, slowly, with a kind of despair attached to her, as the boy drops the cigarette on the floor, puts it out with his shoe)

She doesn’t even look at the boy, standing four or five feet from her, she looks into the glass window, her fingers pressed against the glass, her face pressed against him for a moment, then he withdraws.

Black Girl Walks

I think there might be dry cleaners back over the road, the other way, where you all came from, down the block…

(pointing to her right side, which was his left side, when she was walking down the pavement trying to push in, her face half hidden)

It seems to dawn on the white boy, that things are not as he thought, they are more serious, he looks out into the street, a few cars have passed, he notices that there are no no one has looked at him from the cars, yet the A black girl is blind to the road, he wants to put his hand out towards her, starts and dares not, she even shields her eyes from what one could see, if this boy does something stupid.

Mid Wales White Boy

Yes. Go ahead. I’m sorry I’ve caused you so much grief, I think I let it go too far, I should have gone about my way… and what you said about your uncle, the I mean, dead, hanged in Alabama, for whatever reasons, it’s hard for me to believe, but I believe that you… there’s no cars coming, nobody’s looking, it’s you better go!

Scene Three

The Departure

Very similar to scene one in appearance; you see the boy looking down the street, and the black girl walking across the street where they originally met. The girl stops, back to the boy, they are some distance away, she starts to turn her head around, but stops, and at that moment, he turns his back around to her automatically, in case she decides to follow through on the tropical competition… and the curtain comes down.


Notes: The Author was stationed at Redstone Arsenal, in February and March, 1970 in the same location as the US Space Center Program.

The Saturn V, used by the Apollo program with the Moon missions, was developed from the Redstone Arsenal. Huntsville continues to play an important role in the United States’ Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs. It is estimated that 1 in 13 of Huntsville’s population is employed in some engineering field.

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