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Places to See in Seychelles

Seychelles is a group of 115 islands. It is located in the Indian Ocean, to the north-east of the island of Madagascar. Seychelles is known as the island of love. The islands have a tropical climate and invite the tourists to be in peace and quiet on them. Only a few of these islands are inhabited.

The ‘Underwater Underwater Festival’ is held in Seychelles and also the ‘Kreol Festival’ held every year in October to showcase Creole traditions and heritage. You also have an international sailing event in January. The international fishing competition takes place in November.

Sightseeing in Seychelles


Victoria is the capital of the Seychelles island group. It is on the north-east side of Mahe Island. Victoria is the port of Seychelles. It is one of the smallest capital cities in the world. Victoria is the city where most of Mahe’s population is settled. The tourists can buy some quality traditional souvenirs such as seashells, textiles, straw hats, pearl jewellery, woodwork, needlework, crocheted items and paintings made by the local people. Coconut products are abundant in Victoria. So pick up some items when you’re in this city. There are many markets, shops, art galleries where you can shop for the local produce in the city of Victoria. Internally, the visitor can take a bus, taxi or like the locals on their bike around the city of Victoria.

Victoria Botanic Garden

In these botanical gardens, visitors will find a number of native and exotic plants along with birds, giant tortoises and fruit bats. The total area is 15 acres. Here, you will find the famous CoCo de Mer palm, which has two nuts and only grows in the Seychelles.

Natural History Museum

This museum has a collection of the unique geological formations of Seychelles and its flora and fauna. A number of exhibits show that the government is keen to protect the natural environment of the islands. The museum is not big, and an hour or two is enough to find out about the hidden natural treasures of the Seychelles.

Le Jardin du Roi

Drive down 20 minutes from Victoria and you will come to the plantations of the 18th century. As you walk down, you will see gardens of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and citronella. You will also get to visit the planter’s house. You are free to eat fruit that has fallen from the tree. To satisfy your hunger, wait until you reach the outdoor restaurant and get a sumptuous helping of grated green papaya, tropical salads and star fruit. You see turtles roaming freely around the gardens.

St. John’s Marine Park Anne

This marine park is best visited from Victoria. The islands of St Anne, Cerf, Long, Round and Moyenne surround this park. The traveler here can learn a lot about underwater life by going on a day trip. This marine park is a favorite for snorkelling.

Night life

The tourists should not miss the nightlife in Victoria. Visit some of its nightclubs and have some time. There are theatres, discos, cinemas and a trendy restaurant to add zing to the nightlife. One of the theaters shows Hollywood blockbusters. Tourists enjoy the music and dance shows all night while sipping beer.


This coral reef is the largest in the world and is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The reef itself has 13 islands. Giant land turtles offer an amazing sight as you watch them.

Bird Island

This small island is on the continental shelf of Seychelles. It is about 100km from Mahe. You could get on a plane and be thrilled as you look down at the breathtaking views of the island. The flight duration is approximately 30 minutes. This island, although small, has five beaches of soft white sand. Besides the reef area, you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

Cousin Island

To reach this island it takes about 2 hours from Mahe. The island is home to rare birds. Here, you will find the Seychelles fairy tale and toc-toc. It is surprising to know that around 1.25 million birds nest on the island. April and May are the best time to visit Cousin Island.

Mahe Island

Beau Vallon is a beach resort on Mahe Island. This island is the largest among the Seychelles Island group. It has beautiful beaches and rainforests in the center of the island. On the island there is a market, botanical gardens and a clock tower. The tourists can visit the cinnamon and vanilla plantations, lush green jungle and old colonial mansions. Mahe has around 70 beaches. From here, you can have an exceptional view of the surrounding islands. Mahe is also known for its outdoor club by the ocean.

Beau Vallon Beach

This beach is perfect with white sand and coconut palms all around. Here, you get to see a native takamaka tree. The beach is ideal for water sports with its clear blue waters and colorful coral reefs. This is Mahe’s mildest current beach. When you look across the bay, you will see Silhouette island. The first Seychelles island to be visited way back in 1609 was North Island, which can also be seen from here.

You will find beaches that are uncrowded and surrounded by nature’s bounty. The sky is clear. Walk for about 2 hours along the coast from Beau Vallon to Anse Major and you will soon touch a beautiful little beach.

Morne Seychellois National Park

Mahe not only has excellent beaches but also Morne Seychellois, the highest peak in Seychelles. 20 percent of the land of Mahe Island is occupied by the national park. Go on a nature walk and see the natural environment at its closest as you pass plants, coastal mangroves, Coco de Mer palms and carnivorous pitcher plants. You can also see the tea factory located in the park. The tea plants grow on the surrounding hills. You can buy tea bags to take home with you, and while there sip a hot cup of tea. Nearby are the ruins of a 19th century school.

Praslin Island

Among the Seychelles archipelago, this island is the second largest. It is green, quiet and has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The famous Vallee de Mai is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has double nut palms. There is an oyster farm in the Indian Ocean here where black pearls are cultured. The visitors can visit the aquarium, a touch pool and a shop that sells black pearl jewellery. Some of the rarest birds in the world such as the black parrot and the fruit pigeon can be seen here. There are a few villages in and around the island.

La Digue Island

This island is known for its calmness and quiet peaceful surroundings. It offers a carefree life where you will find ox carts and bicycles as a means of transport, although there are also a limited number of cars available. It takes the visitor 30 minutes to get here from Praslin. From Mahe, it takes 3 hours by schooner. There are plantations on this island and also a church. You can climb a mountain and see the beauty of the island and the vastness beyond.

Water sports

The waters of the Indian Ocean are warm and thus make Seychelles a wonderful sports destination. You can go windsurfing around May and then in October. Board a powerboat, yacht, yacht or catamaran and explore the Seychelles islands to your heart’s content.

Seychelles offers scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing for the brave hearts. You can take a glass bottom boat trip from Beau Vallon Beach to Baie Ternay. Go snorkelling and see a variety of tropical fish, eagle rays, sea turtles and much more.

Land sports

Seychelles does not only cater for the water enthusiasts. You will find many land sports such as squash, badminton, horse riding, golf, tennis, cycling and hiking around the Seychelles Islands. You can go on a walk and enjoy the incredible scenery around you as you walk towards the islands such as La Digue and Praslin. Bird watching is also popular, and these islands are home to some of the world’s rarest animals.


People in Seychelles speak Creole, the native language although English and French are also spoken here. Seychelles has a hot and humid climate but when you are on the beaches, you feel the refreshing sea breeze. From May to September the months are cooler. It is warmer from November to March and at this time the wind is also variable. Seychelles has good schools, colleges and the University of Seychelles offers a medical degree to Americans, but many higher education students go abroad.

There is variety to be found in Seychelles cuisine. Creole cooking includes a wide range of seafood dishes and coconut curries. The visitors love the taste of the red snapper fish. You will find in the Seychelles small and large hotels as well as five star luxury hotels. All accommodation must be booked in advance or you cannot go through immigration.

You can enter Seychelles by air at the Seychelles International Airport. The Seychelles airline flies to a number of countries around the world. There are other airlines, which cater for passenger traffic for Seychelles. Visas are not required for entry to the Seychelles Islands regardless of the nationality of the visitor.

Credit / Access and Visa cards are widely accepted in Seychelles. ATM facilities are also available to tourists at major banks on La Digue, Mahe and Praslin. The airports at Mahe and Praslin also have ATM facilities. The cash provided to tourists is in the local currency, the Seychelles Rupee.

Last but not least to keep fit and enjoy your holiday on the island is to follow Seychelles health and safety rules.

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