Where Will The 2022 World Cup Final Be Held 10 Tips on Creating the Gift of Gab For Fun And Profit

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10 Tips on Creating the Gift of Gab For Fun And Profit

Yes! We all know them. Those obnoxious people who can walk into any situation and seem to fit right into the conversation. They seem to feel at home with any crowd, and can turn a group of strangers into friends in seconds. In fact, they can do it in the time it takes you and I to eat a couple of delicious sandwiches, drink a glass of punch, and fade to the wallpaper.

It’s probably one of those things you’re either born with, or raised to do.

Or is it?

Like many things in life, being able to feel comfortable among strangers, chatting about topics you know very little about, and coming out on the other end with new friends or business contacts is a skill that can be learned. While being born with certain genes or brought up a certain way can help, you can learn to get around those perceived limitations, and may even end up carrying it off better than those who seem to be ahead of you. .

While entire courses and training programs could be dedicated to turning the most bland wallflower into a flowery conversationalist and bon vivant, here are some tips to help you take your “gift” from cab to point where you too can join the crowd. the corner and the discourse witty on the subject in question…as usual.

1. Start with who you are. Never fake it. If you are a gardener and the subject is rocket science, listen and learn. When the garden crowd drifts over, it’s YOUR chance to shine. You simply won’t be the center of attention, or even a small fountain of wit and wisdom in every conversation.

2. Listen and learn. Since we mentioned it above, let’s explore this a bit. First of all, you can often appear smarter than you are by keeping your mouth shut. While it’s closed, listen to that rocket scientist. The dry, technical details might be over your head, but he might say something that makes sense to you and you can use the information in a conversation later. It might get you interested in the subject, and what better source of reference than asking the learned speaker what his or her advice would be on how to learn more.

3. Be patient. We’ve already established that you don’t want to jump in over your head and that you could benefit from the discourse anyway. However, no matter how elevated the topic, any conversation can often move to other, more mundane topics, especially if there are others, like you, who are in the dark on some very technical matter.

4. Be curious. As mentioned above, asking a relevant question or even professing ignorance in the hope of enlightenment will create sparks of familiarity with the speakers. More than once, I have watched several experts practically compete with each other in their efforts to simplify and communicate a difficult subject to someone who seemed genuinely interested. Anyway, people like to have bigger egos, and giving them a chance to show their mastery of the subject, or asking them for their opinion, can get the juices flowing. In the midst of all this, you learn more, make new friendships, and become more comfortable within the group.

5. Admit mistakes and ignorance, take blame, laugh at yourself. One of the easiest ways to reassure others is to admit your own ignorance. When you start a statement or question by letting the others know you may not know what you’re talking about, they feel less “threatened” if that’s a good word. It breaks tension in all directions when someone owns up to ignorance or a mistake. Most people feel inclined to forgive those who can own up to their errors or lack of knowledge. They will also feel more comfortable if you can laugh at yourself.

6. Have a sense of humour. Although many topics are serious and do not allow much freedom for humor, most people in conversation are generally open to humor as long as it is not mocking or of the key cops variety. Of course, if the group is just breaking up, then break up with them.

7. Educate yourself. The essence of feeling comfortable in a group is knowing that you are as knowledgeable as anyone else there. Although you may feel this way regularly at work, where you are among your peers, it can be quite different at a party or on a date when your partner is from another field or social group. Keeping up with the basics on current events in politics, economics, sports, science, health and entertainment gives you the edge to stand above the crowd in many conversational settings.

It also helps to keep up with popular books and movies of the moment. Even if you only get around to reading or seeing one, and it’s NOT the one being discussed, you’ll at least have some idea of ​​what many popular books are about. others (or films, or TV shows) currently mean. , and you may be able to ask logical questions that give those familiar with the subject a chance to shine.

8. Prepare yourself. Although education as mentioned above is a daily process, and may not have much depth, preparation can go much deeper. There are two ways this can turn you into a conversational powerhouse.

** Become an expert on a specific subject or field. It could be a hobby, or you could find something that interests you and could be of interest to others. For example, if you were an expert on precious stones, politics, ancient coins, rare books, health, or physical fitness, there will be opportunities for you to discuss your topic learnedly. If it’s a topic you feel strongly about, the depth of your feelings will often mold your presentation and your speech style in such a way as to leave an impression on your listeners.

** Cram before the event if possible. If you’re going to be among investors, learn some investment terminology. If you have questions as you read that the books or tapes don’t seem to answer, save those. You may have the opportunity to ask a real (or supposed) expert.

9. Encourage others to speak. If Jane is commenting on a topic and seems to be reaching an end, encourage her to continue. You can simply say, “tell me more”, or you can ask a question as mentioned above. If Jane is standing in the crowd and you know she’s itching to say something, ask something like, “Jane! Didn’t I hear you talking about that earlier?” Of course, if you have no idea what Jane is thinking, shut up and leave her alone.

10. Following. If the people are of interest to you, or if you want to learn more about the topics discussed, get names and numbers, ask for business cards, and carry some yourself. Call them later to tell them how much you enjoyed the conversation, invite them to meet you for lunch or a cup of coffee, or send them a small gift that is in some way related to the experience.

A few months ago, I attended a presentation by a local newspaper editorial writer. In the process of introducing it, I realized that many of its points were similar, although not the same as some points made in a book I had enjoyed. I only chatted with him after the presentation for a few minutes, but I managed to ask him if he had ever read the book. He admitted that he only seemed interested in it, even taking a moment to get a business card and write the title of the book and the name of the author.

Later, when I was checking it out on Amazon, I realized I could send him a copy for a few dollars and I did. A few days later, he contacted me, thanking me for the book. He and I have communicated occasionally since then, and he has offered me encouragement and advice on my writing, and has even suggested I join a professional organization I didn’t even know existed.

One of the most important investments you can make in any “growth stock” is the quantity and quality of your personal and business connections AND your friends. Life is much easier for those who have invested wisely and widely in these. With a good list of friends and professional contacts, the next job is easier to find, the answer to the next problem is in your address book, the right contact is a phone call away, and life is a pleasant journey truly.

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