Who Did Zidane Headbutt In The 2006 World Cup Behind the Face of a Football Genius

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Behind the Face of a Football Genius

Although I cannot consider myself a football fan, it is almost impossible to escape World Cup fever. Especially after the ‘pen-pen’ incident involving Zinedine Zidane, which dominated the sports pages. Even someone like me, who is not really interested in football, was drawn into the story that played out following the finals.

It seems that the most prominent question on many people’s minds was this: Why would a talented, famous footballer spoil his curtain call and retirement from the world stage at the most prestigious event in football history, with an ignorant red card for head? Never mind what Zidane was told – the Question many sports journalists, fans and non-fans alike were wondering was: What on earth made him do that?

So, let’s take a look at the BaZi AKA Destiny Code of the talismanic Zinedine Zidane, to see if we can understand why he saw red on Finals Day.

What a person is reluctant to reveal about himself can always be interpreted from his Destiny Code. A person’s BaZi tells us not only who we see them to be, but who they really are. The Celestial Stems, which make up the upper half of a person’s Code of Destiny, represent the immediate, obvious surface personality, what we perceive of the person, when we first meet them. But in order to really know what a person is like, we must penetrate beyond the surface. So, let’s take a look at Zidane’s Destiny Code.

BaZi Zidane reveals a formation called Shang Guan Qi Sha or Hurting Officer who controls the Seven Killing Formation. This is a formation typically found in outstanding martial artists (Bruce Lee’s chart for example has a similar formation) and also individuals with unique physical abilities. Since there aren’t that many martial artists today, this formation is usually applied in the context of sports, as sports are a form of physical art. This structure is what gives Zidane his magical touch with football. The chart shows two types of Tân formations, indicating that he can hit the ball equally well with his right and left legs. As his Day Master sits on the Seven Killing star, this indicates quick reflexes, charisma, as well as the presence of a good ‘killer instinct’ – hence, his cool and calm demeanor when taking punishments! He also shows that he has strong leadership qualities.

The strong Wounded Officer, represented by the element of Bing or Yang Fire, usually marks the individual as uncontrollable and impulsive. Therefore, it indicates challenges in playing in team sports such as football and problems for coaches in managing it. People with strong Injury Officers are also highly individualistic, and have strong crafting skills. In the study of BaZi, Bing Fire is the fire of the sun, and it carries with it qualities such as beauty, passion, intensity, brilliance and magnificence, all of which are characteristics of Zidane’s playing style – the small touches, the acrobatic brilliance . -makes-it-look-easy ball-acrobatics he pulls off, and his ability not only to score goals, but also to assist in scoring goals.

When one has Bing Fire as the star of the Injured Officer, the person is usually short-tempered and impulsive. Moreover, Zidane’s Wounded Officer star sits on Yang Ren or Goat Blade, which makes it a very intense, hot and explosive Wounded Officer star. So he has been sent off 14 times in his career, including once for giving up a player during a World Cup match, and on another occasion for butting his head, while playing for his club , Juventus. He also holds the dubious record of being one of only four players to have been sent off in a World Cup final in World Cup history.

So what made Zidane see red at this World Cup, when he knew it would be his last international game? This year as it is the year of Bing Xu or Fire Dog, the Fire is extremely hot. Therefore, his already extremely strong hurt Officer becomes too strong. When an element is overwhelmingly strong, its negative qualities usually come out or feature prominently. When the star of an Injured Officer becomes negative, the person becomes impudent, rebellious and has too much fighting spirit.

Also, the interaction between his current 10-year luck pillar of Geng Xu and the yearly pillar of Bing Xu reveals a formation known as Overpowered Officer seeing Officer (Shang Guan Jian Guan), which indicates disorder, irrational behavior and emotional excess , problems with authority. , and go against the accepted order of things. In addition, there is also a Harm formation between the Xu (Dog) of the year, the Xu (Dog) in his 10-year luck pillar, and the Chi (Rooster) in his BaZi. This Harm formation indicates a lack of inner peace or anger.

His Day Master Yi Wood needs Gui Water to help him grow, and moisten Ji Earth, found in the Chou or the Ox, to calm the heat, and enable the Earth to grow. Gui Water is the Resource Star, and also represents the Mother while Ji Earth is the Wealth Star, which also represents the wife. Both of these elements are important to this Day Master Yi Wood. What was said to him that triggered it remains a matter of debate but from Zidane’s BaZi, certainly any insult about his mother or his wife would probably have triggered his temper, based on his BaZi!

This brings up an important point about BaZi that is often overlooked. In the past, BaZi was designed to reveal fate and destiny. It was unchanged. The path set was essentially the path that would be walked. Today, we don’t see BaZi like this. Fate is only one of the possible paths a person can walk. Destiny can be changed to some extent. In the old days, a heart attack was a death sentence. Today, if you know about it early enough, it can be prevented and treated. The power of free will, the advantage of informed choice, and the ability to make an informed decision, means that how a person lives their life remains in their hands.

What does this mean for Zinedine Zidane? Admittedly, BaZi Zidane states how he would react to provocation and that his reaction would lead to negative consequences. But, at that moment, at the 110th minute on that pitch in Berlin, ultimately, Zidane held his destiny, in his own hands – or rather, in his head.

Power of the Officer

Despite being sent off, Zidane was awarded the Golden Ball Award and so far, there seems to be no disdain for him in his home country for what he did. Why? His current 10 year luck pillar shows a strong Luck Officer as a result of the combination of his Day Master Yi Wood, and Geng Metal, so he will still continue to command respect and honor as the Officer represents status and reputation . This setback will not significantly affect his reputation, nor will it affect his skills and talents. Xu (Ci) is the graveyard of Xin Metal, which is the Seven Killings Star. Seven Killings represent critics, petty people and destroyers. These will eventually disappear as the year progresses so they will not prove to be a long term problem. His chart indications are that he will likely retain the Golden Ball award as well.

According to Wikipedia, Zidane earned a salary of 6.4 million euros at Real Madrid, and in 2005-2006, he earned 8.6 million euros from sponsorship and endorsement deals. This also coincides with his 10-year luck pillar of Geng Xu, which he registered in 2005. Geng Metal and Yi Wood, which is his day Master, combine with the Officer. This usually represents sponsorship opportunities and strong endorsements for a sportsman, while the Xu (Dog) brings strong Wealth Luck. In this pillar of luck, the role of ambassador for Zidane is ideal and he should also have no problems with endorsements. All he has to do is say yes, and his wealth should be safe until 2015. It will be wise to stay away from coaching or management opportunities as his BaZi indicates that he does not have the patience to coach or manage a team football.

Charisma has a Face

It is not uncommon for BaZi practitioners and even Feng Shui practitioners, to rely on face reading or Mian Xiang, as a backup discipline. There have been times when I have used face reading for quick or on-the-spot evaluations of a client’s luck, when a BaZi chart was not available. The face almost always confirms what we already know from the Destiny Code. So what story does Sidan’s face tell? If you look carefully at his face, you will notice that his eyebrows poke up, on the ‘head’ (the head closer to the center of the face). In Mian Xiang, these are known as spearhead eyebrows and indicate individuals who are opinionated and quick to miss the mark. Individuals with spearhead eyebrows usually have a prominent or strong Injured Officer (Shang Guan) nature.

Zidane has strong, high and outward cheekbones – these indicate strong leadership and a charismatic nature. He has sharp, pointed eyes that indicate a lack of patience, but an eye for detail, which is the reason for his ability to create possibilities on the football field, seemingly out of nothing.

In Mian Xiang, each year of a person’s life is represented by one point on the face. Ages 27-30 are represented by the temples, the palace of life or Yin Tang, located between the eyebrows, and the Forest, which is the area above the ear. On Zidane’s face, these areas are all sunken or the hairline crosses these areas, indicating that these years are less favorable. However, after Zidane entered the fortunes of eyebrows, at the age of 31 (30 according to Western age calculations), it is clear that his luck took a turn for the better. His eyebrows are clear and charismatic, not too thick and growing upwards. Indeed, in 2002, Zidane won the UEFA Champions League Most Valuable Player award, and transferred from Juventus to Real Madrid for a record 66 million euros. At 35, he’s just finished brow luck and entered luck – which means that while his luck will still be good, the best is probably behind him, so his decision to retire a wise one indeed.

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