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Interesting Facts About Olympic Nations – Great Britain

John MacGregor (Scottish) invented the kayak/canoe. In 1865, he founded the Royal Canoe Club. Kayaking made its debut at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin (Germany).

Between 1896 and 2004, Great Britain won 668 Summer Olympic Games medals, including 188 gold. The United Kingdom has more gold medals than Greece, Cuba, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and India combined…

Sebastian Newbold Coe was chosen to carry the Great Britain flag during the closing ceremony at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Between 1980 and 1984, he won four Olympic medals (800m and 1500m). Coe is an iconic figure in the world of sport.

Great Britain is the birthplace of table tennis. This sport was a demonstration sport at the 1988 Seoul Games and went on to become an “Olympic sport” at the 1992 Barcelona Games.

In the 1910s, Great Britain’s national football team won its third ever gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Stockholm (Sweden).

The United Kingdom has many famous athletes: Jonathan Edwards (athletics / England), Sally Gunnell (track and field / England), David Wilkie (water / Scotland), Sebastian Newbold Coe (athletics / England), Samuel Ferris (marathon / Northern Ireland ), Allan Wipper Wells (athletics / Scotland), Steve Michael James Ovett (track and field / England), Colin Ray Jackson (athletics / Wales), Cris Hoy (cycling / Scotland).

Unlike Japan, West Germany, Canada and Kenya, Great Britain/United Kingdom did not boycott the 1980 Olympics in the Soviet Union. Margaret Hilda Thatcher (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom / 1979-1990) did not support the boycott. GB sent 214 athletes to the Moscow Games (winning 21 medals). Ironically, Bermuda, the Cayman islands, Antigua-Barbuda and Hong Kong (British territories) boycotted the Games.

Kate Howey was the flag bearer for the British Olympic team at the Athens Olympics in 2004. Who is she? Kate was a judoka…

England dominated the medals in the First Commonwealth Games in 1930. But over the last three decades, England has been overtaken by Australia.

Glasgow (Scotland) will host the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

The United Kingdom is the birthplace of boxing. London hosted the first boxing championships in 1867. James Figg and John Broughton were the first boxers in history…

Linford Christie was one of the greatest sprinters of the last century. Great Britain’s Linford won the gold medal in the 100m at the Barcelona Games in 1992. He was born on April 2, 1960 in Saint Andrew, Jamaica (Caribbean).

British boxers all won gold medals at the Olympic Games in 1908. The champions were: Henry Thomas (bantamweight / 54kg), Richard Gunn (featherweight / 57kg), Frederick Grace (lightweight / 60kg), John Douglas (middleweight / 75kg), Albert Oldham (very heavy weight / 91% 2B kg).

The Montreal Olympic Games were founded by Queen Elizabeth II (Head of State of Canada) in 1976.

Great Britain introduced field hockey to India and Pakistan. This European country was the first ever men’s field hockey Olympic champion (1908).

This country has hosted many international Games/tournaments:

1897 Cycling World Cup-Glasgow, Scotland

Cycling World Cup 1904-London, England

Summer Olympics 1908-London, England

British Empire Games 1934-London, England

Baseball World Cup 1938 – London, England

1948 Summer Olympics – London, England

British Empire Games 1958-Cardiff, Wales

FIFA World Cup 1966-London, England

British Commonwealth Games 1970-Edinburgh, Scotland

FISA Rowing World Cup 1975-Nottingham, England

1971 Cycling World Cup – Leicester, England

Commonwealth Games 1986 – Edinburgh, Scotland

World University Games 1991-Sheffield, England

Commonwealth Games 2002 – Manchester, England

Bermuda (British / Caribbean territory) won an Olympic medal at the 1976 Montreal Games. The medal winner was Clarence Hills (boxing). He competed in the Summer Games 15 times: Berlin-1936, London-1948, Helsinki-1952, Melbourne-1956, Rome-1960, Tokyo-1964, Mexico City-1968, Munich-1972, Montreal-1976, Los Angeles-1984 , Seoul-1988, Barcelona-1992, Atlanta-1996, Sydney-2000, Athens-2004. Bermuda has also competed in the Winter Games: France-1992, Norway-1994, Japan-1998, USA-2002, Italy-2006…

The United Kingdom has many foreign-born sportsmen: Tessa Sanderson (Jamaica / track and field), Curtis Osano (Kenya / football), Blair Blenman (Barbados / weightlifting), John Barnes (Jamaica / football) , Cliff Drysdale (South Africa / tennis ), Fatima Whitbread ( Cyprus / athletics ), Bamlerdele “Dele” Adebola (Nigeria / football), Zola Budd ( South Africa / track and field ), Judy Simpson (Jamaica / athletics ), Eniola Aluko (Nigeria/soccer), Simon Lessing (South Africa/triathlon), Clive Longe (Guyana/track and field), Natalie Steward (South Africa/swimming), Nedeum Onuoha (Nigeria/soccer).

Like Dan O’Brien and Jim Thorpe, Daley Thompson was one of the best decathletes of the 20th century.

Fact File

Name: Francis Morgan Thompson (better known as Daley Thompson)

Nationality: British

Ancestry: Nigerian (Scottish mother and Nigerian father)

Born: 30/7/1958

Place of birth: Notting Hill, London, UK

Personal motto: “Competition is my life, winning is my only goal”

Sports: Decathlon (track and field)

Large individual medals

1977: European Junior Championships – Gold medal

1978: Edmonton Commonwealth Games Gold Medal

1978: European Championships – Gold Medal

1980: Moscow Olympics – Gold medal

1982: Brisbane Commonwealth Games – Gold medal

1983: World Championships – Gold Medal

1984: Los Angeles Olympics – Gold medal

1986: Edinburgh Commonwealth Games Gold Medal

1986: European Championships – Gold Medal

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